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How It Works

Every Tuesday at 11:00AM PST a new Five Spot Derby begins. (That’s Noon Mountain Time, 1:00PM Central Time and 2:00PM EST.)

But there is one *tiny* catch! You can sign up for early access (look at signup form near the top of the page!) and get access to the site a full 30 minutes before the general public! That means you have the best chance at getting a great deal… every week!

What is a Five Spot Derby?

A Five Spot Derby is a special weekly sale featuring one limited edition design created by TEKSTartist. The design is available for purchase on the derby for 7 days. After that any remaining prints move into the archive and are offered at $99.

Each piece is signed, numbered, and pressed by hand using a 55-year-old letterpress. See more about how each piece is created in our FAQ section.


Derby Pricing:

Each Five Spot Derby begins at just $5. Every five prints that sell drive up the price of the piece by $5. (Hence the term “Five Spot”.)

Post Derby Pricing:

Once a design moves into the archive, any available prints are available for $99.


Pieces are shipped via FedEx every Wednesday.

*International shipping carrier dependent on availability and rates.