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2013 Gratitude

Just like last year, one of the most surprising factors of the entire project is how many people played significant roles at critical moments along the way. This page and the text it contains is a list of all the people that made this project possible.


You have the patience of a saint. You have put up with over two years of late nights from an admittedly obsessive, motor mouthed husband, all the while holding down the fort, running your own projects, and feeding us like kings along the way. You are my rock and my best friend. Once again, this project could not have happened without you. Thank you Alli, for more than I could possibly sum up here.

Tim Butler

Dude. This project would not be what it is without your contribution. Your collaborative effort, attention to detail, and no bullshit approach is refreshing. Your efforts throughout this year will further solidify TEKST as an absolute quality brand. Thank you Tim, for giving me the opportunity to scale up my efforts this year.

“Chief Legit Officer”

The newest member of TeamTEKST already has a “day job”, but still commits to moonlighting and sacrificing weekend time to help make sure the Five Spot Derby (and everything else going on in the world of TEKST), runs smoothly. Thank you for your effort, hustle, and commitment to making sure TEKST continues to be a “legit” brand.

Garrett Meister

Not only are you the owner of the $1 piece from last year, but your support, collaboration, and exposure (both commercially and personally) have helped me continue to increase momentum month after month. Thank you Garrett, for being as stoked about TEKST as I am.

Max Stossel

Although our interaction at SXSW was brief, you approached our early site concepts with an open mind and helped simplify things tremendously. It may not seem like much, but your input impacted countless interactions that immediately followed. Thank you Max for helping simplify things.

Tom Valentino

You have continued to serve as “Devils Advocate” year after year. Your honest approach and perspective help keep me sharp and my ideas well thought through. Thank you Tom for helping me anticipate all potential outcomes.

Gary Vaynerchuk

GV- You helped kick things off and provided a few critical pieces of advice to help unlock the true potential of this project. Thank you Gary, for your time and continued hustle.

Jason HeadsetsDotCom

You’ve been on board since day one. Your experience, enthusiasm, and perspective has helped keep this thing on the rails for the past 2 years. Thank you Jason, for your guidance and motivation.

Allen Klosowski

There was not a person from Denver I met at SXSW this year that had not already heard of me, and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you Allen, for putting a roof over my head at SXSW… twice, and for spreading the word in Denver more than I could ever ask for! Thank you Allen, for your advice and advocacy.

Mark Ley

You’re my favorite person to prove wrong. Though I don’t think you doubt me much these days. :P  But seriously, your perspective has helped shape this project and the way I think about every aspect of my business. Thank you Mark, for your continued stoke.

Jon Savage

As the new lead developer on this site, you had some big shoes to fill. I’ve never met you in person, I found you on reddit, and couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. Thank you Jon (And Ted Pagonis and everyone at Studio Ace of Spade), for bringing this idea from paper to pixel.

Art Alternatives

For someone I have (still) never met, Amy at Art Alternatives had a significant impact on the project. Without batting an eye, before the 2012 project was no more than an idea, Amy sent a truckload of canvases to the studio. Then, in 2013, she did it again without hesitation. Without her faith in the project and outside the box thinking I would be nowhere. Thank you Amy, for taking a chance.

Montana Cans

The newest sponsor to the world of TEKST, the team at Montana cans fully supplied one of the most expensive elements of the project: the ink. Your markers have been an amazing addition to the arsenal. Thank you Montana Cans for sponsoring the project this year.

Several people helped offer critiques on the site design before it went live including Cat B, Nick S, Jenna S, Jason S, Don Z, Max S, Murray J, Michael M, Mark L, and many, MANY more.

And finally, thank you to all the friends and family who have put up with (and 100% supported) this obsession the past few years.

Thank you all.